Cartridge Unit Bearings

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An old-style cup-and-cone bottom bracket.The lockring wrench is about to loosen the lockring, the pin wrench is engaging two of the holes in the adjustable cup.(Some cartridge bearings do use these same tools.) Another article gives instructions on servicing cup-and-cone bottom brackets.: A cartridge bottom bracket. The splined tool is shown above the bottom bracket.



The bearing is encased in rubber for reduced vibration and noise, and it has an extended inner ring on one side for extra shaft support. This bearing cartridge unit is suitable for applications including conveyors, ventilating equipment, and heating and air conditioning equipment, among others.Cartridges. Our cartridges are available in metallic or rubber. The bearing inserts have grade 10 balls and super-finished ball paths to support proper lube film and reduce noise. Metallic Design Attributes. Mounts in straight bore housings. Comes complete with wide inner-ring bearing insert and three-piece “R” seal. 




Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
AMI UCC320-64 Cartridge Unit Bearings 3.3 mm NTN 6.7 Hz 120 °C
AMI UCC321 Cartridge Unit Bearings Steel Baldor-Dodge None No
AMI UCC320-63 Cartridge Unit Bearings Roller Bearings 0.6 mm 11.75 mm 11 mm
AMI UCC320 Cartridge Unit Bearings Self Centering 210 Series Powder Coat 2 Bolt Flange
AMI UCC318-55 Cartridge Unit Bearings US211-32G2 -20 °C M6x1 45.3 mm
AMI KHRRCSM206-18 Cartridge Unit Bearings 99 mm 58 mm 49.2 mm 18.2 kN
AMI KHRRCSM206-17 Cartridge Unit Bearings -20 °C 54 mm R1/8" 20 mm
AMI KHRRCSM206 Cartridge Unit Bearings 27 mm -40 °C 63.5 mm 27.1 Nm
AMI KHRRCSM205-15 Cartridge Unit Bearings 55.5 mm 62 mm 1 mm 12.6
AMI UCLC201 Cartridge Unit Bearings 151 mm 98 mm 76.2 mm 62 kN
AMI UCLCX07 Cartridge Unit Bearings 38 mm 11 mm 97 mm 19 mm
AMI UCLCX08-24 Cartridge Unit Bearings -40 °C 117.5 mm 65.7 mm 0.48 kg