Sleeve Bearings

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A sleeve bearing is a kind of cylindrical bearing. It got its name from having a single internal rotating cylinder inside it. Sleeve bearings are porous, so they draw up the oil applied on the outer sleeve. Sleeve bearings are a kind of plain bearing --that is, bearings with few moving parts.



Sleeve bearings (sometimes called bushings, journal bearings or plain bearings) facilitate linear movement between two parts. Sleeve bearings consist of a metal, plastic or fiber-reinforced composite sleeves that reduce vibrations and noise by absorbing friction between two moving parts using a sliding motion.A sleeve bearing is a type of plain bearing that can handle high loads and velocities. Sleeve bearings help make engines run smoothly and quietly. These durable and long lasting bearings can also perform well in other high-load, high-velocity applications, such as machines and turbines.




Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
ISOSTATIC CB-1618-12 Sleeve Bearings 25 25 mm 90 mm 40 mm
ISOSTATIC CB-1420-12 Sleeve Bearings 17 14 mm 17 mm NSK
ISOSTATIC CB-1520-08 Sleeve Bearings straight 10 +0.015 / +0 10.000 8 0.013 / 0.028
ISOSTATIC CB-1420-16 Sleeve Bearings NU 308 90 mm 53.5 mm 40x90x23
ISOSTATIC CB-1419-08 Sleeve Bearings 5200 kN 482 mm 3,66 118
ISOSTATIC CB-1418-24 Sleeve Bearings ZZ (Double Shield) Available 10 Deep Groove Ball Bea
ISOSTATIC CB-1418-20 Sleeve Bearings 15 Yes (with retaining 7 Days Single
ISOSTATIC FM-2026-25 Sleeve Bearings Quote 60 Standard Metric System
ISOSTATIC FM-2026-20 Sleeve Bearings 14 000 r/min 1 mm 16 mm 15 °
ISOSTATIC FM-2024-12 Sleeve Bearings No Cast iron single clo Bearing unit Square flange shape
ISOSTATIC CB-1620-36 Sleeve Bearings 25 ° 110 100 mm 2600 r/min
ISOSTATIC CB-1620-32 Sleeve Bearings 107 mm 2 mm 22311YM 55